The Heaviest Weight


Mariana's story represents anyone who has ever felt rejected for any reason. Anyone who feels lonely or trapped in their bodies or problems. This book is the true story of how she, at the age of 24, learned to love herself without changing her body and today, she is here to share her journey with you and accompany you on yours.

«For years, the thought "my body is gross" was my companion and I never questioned it. It was like a second skin, and I considered it an absolute truth.»

The Heaviest Weight is the true story of a woman in her early twenties, who took seven years to realize that she was bulimic and that her anxiety, depression and obsession with getting "the right body" were not her fault. Mariana admitted, at 24 years old, that she had a problem and sought help to heal. The road was not easy, especially in a world that did not yet know about Body Positivity, curvy hashtags, or plus size models, but she managed to thrive, accept herself and be happy. She wrote this book to tell her story and to make sure that people who suffer from the pain of having body issues, rejection due to family secrets, rejection due to the stigma of mental disorders, or rejection due to sexual orientation -whatever the reason- to know that «you are not alone».

«A change was possible for me. Now I have a way of understanding these thoughts. They no longer hurt me. And when they appear, I know I have the tools to understand them, and the pain always stops. There is a way.»

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