The Heaviest Surgery


«I am not trying to convince anyone to not have the surgery, rather, I want to bring light to experiences and lists of symptoms, possibilities of how to take care of ourselves, different points of view... I want to create awareness regarding this subject. That if a person today decides to have bariatric surgery, she or he can already contemplate what her life can become in the long term.»

What specialist say:

«The Heaviest Surgery is a generous window that Mariana has opened into her life, providing us with the magnificent opportunity to learn in detail about the world of bariatric surgery, since she has the experience of living with two surgeries. This book is an act of vulnerability that will benefit everyone who for some reason is interested in learning more about bariatric surgery. 
If you have been considering bariatric surgery, you need to read this book to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific information about the long-term consequences of these surgeries. Therefore, it is very possible that your doctor will not offer the information you will find here. 
If you’ve already had bariatric surgery and have been struggling with post-op risks and side effects associated with it, The Heaviest Surgery will validate your experience and guide you as to the next steps you can take to compassionately take care of your health and feel better. 
If you are the family member or the loved one of someone who is suffering from the aftermath of bariatric surgery or considering having it, this book will be an invaluable resource to support your loved one in his or her journey. 
And if you are a healthcare professional, reading The Heaviest Surgery is a must to understand, from the experience of individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery, the harm caused by diet culture, weight stigma, and fatphobia.» Haica Rosenfeld, Psy.D., CEDS-S. Licensed Psychologist in FL & VT. Certified Eating Disorders Specialist & Approved Supervisor by IAEDP. Anti-diet and Fat Positive provider & activist

Where to buy it:

Available June 15th!